About the Game

Spiral is a narrative exploration game in which the player follows Bernard, an old man suffering from cognitive degeneration as he tries to relive the memories that marked his life one last time before forever forgetting them.

Throughout the game, the player will be encouraged to explore in order to learn as much as possible about Bernard's life and thus unlock the moments buried deep in his memory. Bernard and the player will have to be resilient in the face of a disabling illness.


How many memories will there be in the final game?

We are currently thinking of implementing about 20 memories from Bernard's life.

When will the game be made available?

Our current targeted release is by the end of 2021, but we will make it available ultimately when we are satisfied.

How much time will the game take to complete?

More or less 5 to 10 hours, mostly depending on the final number of memories added and each player's pace.

How will the player experience Bernard's cognitive degeneration?

Degeneration will be showcased in different forms throughout the game. Memories will mix progressively between themselves, the environment will become less stable and more deconstructed, and it will become increasingly difficult to perceive which memories were Bernard's originals. The Void portion of our demo is a good example of a broken memory, this time, because of a trauma.

On which platform do you intend on releasing Spiral?

The game is presently intented for PC, but we would love to make a console version in the near future!

Do you guys have a Steam page?

Not at the moment.

How much will be the game upon release?

We will have to evaluate different factor before release, but the price should range between $15 and $20.

What can I do to help you out?

You can follow us on social medias, share what we post and talk about us to people around you! (We will really appreciate it!) Otherwise we do have a Go Fund Me page if you're interested in supporting us financially.